Design Standards

Hallbrook residents must have signed plans approved by the Design Review Committee (DRC) and payment of fees prior to the undertaking of any site improvements, construction or extension of the home. The DRC’s interest in reviewing site and building designs is to ensure that a high quality of compatible development is consistently achieved. There is an application fee for architecture and major landscape changes noted below. Applications for any modifications and copies of the Design Standards book can be obtained at FirstService Residential.

Some of the more common modifications that need DRC approval, in addition to city permits, if applicable.:

  • Home additions or alteration (fee required)
  • Pool (fee required)
  • Paving
  • Decks (fee required)
  • Fences
  • Major Landscaping (fee required)
  • Retaining Walls (fee required)
  • Play Structures
  • Outdoor Sculptures
  • Satellite Dishes
  • Lawn Ornamentation

Hallbrook Farms represents the preservation of a special Kansas City Community that has been carefully tended over the years.  Through long and careful planning, an estate environment has been conceived that has drawn upon the best elements of the finest Kansas City residential neighborhoods.  This planning sensitivity, in relationship to the beauty of the Hallbrook Farm Community, has resulted in a special living environment.

In an additional effort to ensure the high level of quality at Hallbrook Farms, the Board of Directors has adopted the Design Standards document.  Upon reading the guidelines and understanding the philosophy behind them, all participants will contribute to completing this environment in the Hallbrook tradition of quality.

The Design Standards provide for the review and approval of site and building plans and specifications by the Design Review Committee (DRC) of the Hallbrook Farms Single-Family Residence Community Association.  The DRC’s interest in reviewing site and building designs is to assure that a high quality of compatible development is consistently achieved.  In addition, the DRC is charged with the responsibility of exercising judgment as opposed to simply enforcing rules.  Thus, in certain cases, the general guidelines may be modified or waived by the DRC to recognize the special circumstances of a given situation.  Such exceptions or waivers in no way diminish the enforceability of the guideline in other unrelated situations.  In all cases, however, the DRC will do its best to balance the long term interests of the overall community with the specific objectives of the individual homeowner.

The Declarations of the entire Residential District of Hallbrook Farms (“Master Declaration”) and of the Single-Family Community (“Community Declaration”) deal with a variety of subjects, including building type, quality, and other development standards, all presented in binding legal format.  The Design Standards amplify and further develop these requirements into easily understandable terms to facilitate the design and review process for property owners, architects and builders alike.  A copy of the Design Standard can be obtained from FirstService Residential.  Please (816) 414-5300, press 0 if you would like a copy.

DRC approval is required prior to undertaking any changes or additional construction affecting the exterior of the home.  This would include adding or changing decks, pools, gazebos, outside lighting, exterior paint color, cabanas, driveways, walks, fences, outdoor sculpture, lawn ornaments, trees 4” or more in caliper, retaining walls, basketball goals, etc.  It would also include any grading changes that affect drainage.

DRC Approval Form: DRC Approval

Design Standards: Design Standards