Glass Bandit Recycling

The Hallbrook Board of Directors have agreed to commence glass recycling for all of Hallbrook.  If you would like an email reminder the day before pickup, or if you would like to opt out of glass recycling by GlassBandit, please email info@glassbandit.com.

Pickup is every other Wednesday; pickup dates are also listed below.

January 6
January 20
February 3
February 17
March 3
March 17
March 31
April 14
April 28
May 12
May 26
June 9
June 23
July 7
July 21
August 4
August 18
Sept. 1
Sept. 15
Sept. 29
October 13
October 27
November 10
November 24
December 8
December 22

Common Area Renovations

Hallbrook was impacted by the application of Imprelis, a herbicide manufactured by DuPont, to the common areas, and as a consequence over 650 of our trees were damaged. As a follow-up to the presentation at the Annual Homes Association meeting last Fall, the exciting renovations to the common areas are continuing. As you may recall, some of the plantings associated with the renovation commenced on the berm last Fall; and the planned renovations will continue on the berm in Spring 2014, as well as renovations at the circle/ fountain area, the islands along Brookwood Ave. and, potentially, other common areas depending on the weather.

Your Design Renovation Committee has been diligently working to expedite implementation of the overall design and plan over the next planting seasons, including Spring and Fall 2014 and 2015. The members of the Design Renovation Committee are listed here.

As you drive through the neighborhood and particularly around the current areas where work is being done, please slow down so that the installation can be completed safely.

Again, we believe the renovations will energize the neighborhood and create excitement in our subdivision to help keep Hallbrook one of the premier properties in the Midwest.

Berm Updates

Emerald Ash Borer

emeraldashborerHallbrook is monitoring trees that may have been affected by Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), which is an invasive, non-native insect that feeds on Ash Trees, and ultimately causes them to die. The beetle is metallic green in color and approximately one half-inch in length. Hallbrook is currently working on a plan to deal with its 400+ Ash Trees in the common areas.

Hallbrook’s approach is consistent with the City of Leawood’s EAB plan. Please see this link for more information.