Hallbrook Safety Reminders

Hello Neighbors at Hallbrook Farms,
With nice warmer spring days/ evenings coming, it is a good time to take a moment and remind ourselves of some helpful tips for safety!
Watch our own and our neighbors’ garage doors. Make sure you close your garage doors when they are not in used or being monitored. Watch for bicycles and other equipment left on property. It is not encouraged to leave your keys in your vehicle or store them in your garage.
Keep all vehicles locked up and free from valuables.
Check your home’s perimeter and outer lighting. Check timers.  A well-lit home is less of a target than an unlit home.
If traveling, let a trusted neighbor know who might be able to help check in on your property periodically, pick up mail, newspapers and unanticipated deliveries etc…. A week’s worth of newspapers sitting in the driveway is a welcome sign for people wishing to take our property.
Be aware of any suspicious activity. Circling cars, cars driving by slowly with no headlights after dark.
Be proactive and check in on neighbors. Especially those who are elderly, infirmed or whom you haven’t seen in some time.
If planning on being away for a period of time, consider signing up for Leawood Police Department’s free house watch program. It’s always good to have Leawood Police patrolling Hallbrook.
Residents taking care of each other is the Hallbrook way!