Special Meeting Summary

Hallbrook Neighbors: 

Sentry Management and the Hallbrook HOA Board of Directors would like to recap the meeting last night and outline next steps.

Meeting Recap:
With neighbors, Board members, and representatives of Sentry Management in attendance, a Special Meeting/Board of Directors Meeting of the Hallbrook Farms Single Family Homes Association was convened via Zoom as scheduled at 5 pm on Tuesday, May 11, 2021. We wish to thank all 164 folks who logged into the meeting.  Neighbors presented comments and ideas regarding the 3 published agenda items, i.e. HOA management company, landscape, and nominations and succession planning. Board members unanimously passed motions 1) to start the process of requests for proposal to qualified companies for HOA management, 2) to start the process of requests for proposal to qualified companies for landscaping, and 3) to start the process of forming a nominating committee to identify prospective board members for the annual election and to consider amendments to the Bylaws for term limits and succession plans for Board and committee members, all starting June 1, 2021.

Fact Check:
Some of the comments made during the meeting need to be corrected to ensure we do not spread misinformation:

  • The Special Meeting was called due to a petition signed by 184 people turned into Sentry Management on April 7.  This equates to 143 homes owned by current owners or 34.5% (=143/414).  More may have signed since this date, but were not used in the official request.
  • The DRC currently has a resident architect in addition to credentialed professional consultants, and until recently has had other members from industry on it as well.
  • Hallbrook is now getting close to 33 years old. The developer turned it over to the HOA 23 years ago and the dues at that time were $1,450 per year. The dues currently are $3,050 per year, which means dues have increased approximately 3.28% per year. 
  • Board terms. All current board members have joined in the last two to three years, except for Craig Hamlin.  He is finishing his second term, totaling six years of board service.

Next Steps:

  • May 20:  As was discussed at the meeting, any Hallbrook resident who wishes to participate in one of the 3 committees should email your name and address to Leah Larson at llarson@sentrymgt.com by Thursday, May 20 at 4:00 pm. Please specify which of the 3 committees you wish to join.
    • Board Succession Planning  
    • HOA management RFP  
    • Landscape RFP
  • May 30 or before:  Board will announce the committee members for each committee.
  • June 1:  Committee work begins
  • Aug-Dec:  Committee work will end with recommendations to the Board for approval, with committees ending work at different times

Thank you,
Hallbrook Board of Directors and Sentry Management