Hallbrook Special Meeting Reminder

Hallbrook Neighbors: 
We would like to set expectations for the Special Meeting tomorrow, May 11, at 5:00 pm and provide a reminder of how to join. 

Overall Meeting Protocol:

  •          The meeting is being held in response to a petition filed with the board by neighbors in Hallbrook.
  •          In line with the laws governing HOAs in Kansas, the agenda must include and be limited to the items in the petition.
    •    The Board has issued an agenda consistent with the petition filed
    •    There will be an opportunity to comment during the meeting after each agenda item. 
    •    Comments must be limited to the agenda items.
  •          Any non-agenda item will need to be discussed at the next Board meeting on June 9.  
    •    While the Board would like to respond to any question or comment during the call, we are only able to entertain the items on the agenda.  This is per requirements in our By-laws and Kansas governing laws.
    •    The next Board meeting where general comments from the neighborhood can be heard will be on June 9.  More information will be distributed closer to the date.  Please know you can always be heard by sending an email to Leah Larson at Sentry Management (llarson@sentrymgt.com) and address it to the Board.
  •          Board President Craig Hamlin will preside over the agenda as distributed.
  •          In order to swiftly decide each agenda item, a Board of Directors meeting will be held in the same forum, at the same time (in tandem), as the Special Meeting.  This will allow the Board to vote on each agenda item in real-time, with the participants of the Special Meeting in view of the vote.  Normally, a Special Meeting is for discussion of items posed, but the Board would like to expedite deliberation on the items, in demonstration that we are committed to service.
  •          In order to keep the meeting to a tenable length, we ask everyone to please cooperate with us and be patient as we maneuver through this meeting.

How to Join the Meeting:

  •          This meeting will be held virtually, via Zoom.
  •          The login is below.
  •          Please try to join a few minutes before 5:00 pm so that we can begin and end the meeting in a timely fashion.