Trash & Non-Glass Recycling

Hallbrook Neighbors: 

We would like to share a status update with you regarding our trash and non-glass recycling.  In order to help everyone understand this status update, we have given a recap of our current situation below the status update.  

Sentry Management and the Hallbrook HOA Board of Directors

Status Update:

  • The HOA Board has reached a decision regarding the upcoming Waste Management (WM) contract changes, and feels the best course of action for now is to continue using WM and move to bi-weekly recycling service. Key to the decision is an extra bin for no additional fee if desired.  Sentry Management has negotiated this perk on our behalf.
  • The transition date from weekly recycling to bi-weekly recycling will take place the week of May 10.  WM will be mailing postcards next week, so please be on the lookout for additional information from them.
  • Those homes wanting an extra recycling bin should contact
  • We will review this decision in 6 months, prior to end of year, and pursue alternatives as warranted per neighborhood feedback.

Decision Drivers & Benefits Considered:

  • Remaining with WM and changing frequency to bi-weekly recycling will leave fee structure unchanged for the remaining contractual period.
  • Remaining with WM as a vendor will mean no bin swap-out required.  The recycling bin swap was extremely challenging for many, and we wish to avoid difficulty.
  • Sentry Management has negotiated a special arrangement with WM where WM will provide, at no additional fee, an extra recycling bin to those wanting it.   
  • Reduced recycling collection frequency will result in lower carbon emissions with less frequent collection traffic in Hallbrook.
  • Glass and Non-Glass recycling frequency can be coordinated for ease of remembering which week is a recycling week.
  • The alternative vendor’s bid considered for weekly recycling was an additional $15,000 per annum, and the Board wishes to keep HOA fees as low as possible.

Recognition Notice:
The Board would like to recognize Sentry Management for work well done under these challenging conditions, and thank Jim and his team for all the extra hours spent to research alternative vendors, gather bids, and negotiate the free extra bin.   

Situation Recap:
Hallbrook contracts with WM to collect trash and non-glass recycling on a weekly basis. Earlier this year, WM announced it was reducing collection to a bi-weekly collection cycle and distributed a larger bin for recyclable materials. The City of Leawood informed WM that WM was under obligation to continue offering weekly collection services as part of WM’s permit to operate in Leawood.   As a result, WM offered Hallbrook and other Leawood clients a choice to continue weekly collection services for a $42,000 price increase, or to move to the new bi-weekly collection schedule.  The Board reviewed alternatives, conducted a survey, and made a decision in line with neighborhood preferences and priorities.

Thank you,

Hallbrook Board of Directors and Sentry Management