Hallbrook Leadership Changes

The Hallbrook Board of Directors and Sentry Management would like to communicate recent leadership changes:

  • Board Changes:
    • Andy Beal, Board Treasurer and DRC Committee member has regretfully resigned his position due to unforeseen circumstances.  The Board is extremely grateful to Andy for his many hours of service and assisting us during a very busy time.  We will miss Andy’s well thought out guidance and calm demeanor.   
    • The Board will not appoint an interim director to serve the remainder of Andy’s term (December 2021), in favor of allowing the Nominating Committee to receive community input to help choose his replacement in December.  Andy has agreed to continue fulfilling Treasury duties until the December election.
  • Committee Changes:
    • Chi Chi Puhl has resigned her position on the Landscape Committee.  The Board would like to express tremendous gratitude for the years of voluntary service Chi Chi has given to our community.   We hope other members of the community will join us and reach out to thank Chi Chi for her vision and countless hours of vendor interaction, issue review, communication, advocacy, and dedication to ensuring consistent and premier design implementation throughout the neighborhood.
    • Shawn Moore has resigned from the Landscape Committee.
    • Linda Finkle will join the Landscape Committee as Chair.
    • Carol Gurba will remain an integral committee member and provide critical historical knowledge and perspective. 
    • Additional appointments are under consideration and will be forthcoming.
    • As a matter of policy, no Landscape Committee member has ever had a financial interest in any vendor used by the HOA.
  • Management Team Changes:
    • Jim Tiehen will continue to be our lead property manager.
    • Shay Smith, our assistant property manager, has given notice at Sentry Management, and the Board expresses appreciation for her contribution and support during a particularly busy time with glass recycling vendor installation, mailbox upgrade completion, and changes in service and collection bins from Waste Management.
    • Leah Larson will replace Shay as Hallbrook’s assistant property manager.  The Board welcomes Leah and already appreciates her skillful administration of the Zoom video-conferencing platform. 

The Board of Directors and Sentry Management hope you will join us in thanking everyone for service contributed, and welcoming new members to our combined team.